The Basket Terms of Service apply for any and all Basket Orders, Promotions, Credits, Refunds, and Possible Returns. In addition, the following additional terms apply with respect to the specific matters below

What is Basket?

Basket is an online grocery delivery service that allows users to order grocereis from stores they love, and have them delivered at their doorstep in as little as an hour.

How are items priced on Basket?

Item pricing

Retailers set the prices of items available for delivery on the platform. While many retailers offer the same in-store prices on, others set different prices on the platform than in-store prices. In some cases, a flat percentage is added to cover the cost of the service.

Note: We reserve the right to cancel an order for any reason, including as a result of incorrectly priced items. If we do cancel an order, we will refund your account for the amount paid.

How it works?

Its very simple. Select Store , add items , place order. Once order is placed it gets dispatched to our uber like system for shoppers who will receive your order on their mobile phones and run to fulfill it.

Where do you deliver ?

Basket is now delivering in the city of Amman only, currently focusing on west Amman . We are Planning to extend the areas we deliver to soon .

How do I create an account?

You are welcome to create an account by visiting and using your Mobile Number or Facebook authentication to sign up! You can also use the Basket app which is available on IOS and Android devices.

Add or update a payment method for orders

We are currently in the process of activating the service to accept all major credit cards. Once it is activated ( APRIL 2018 ) , you will be able to enjoy the service.

We're currently not able to accept prepaid credit cards, store gift cards, debit cards , Atm cards , EBT cards, international payments, and other forms of payment not listed as accepted above.

Below are some tips on how to handle payments on the website and apps in your user account.

To add a new payment method in the app:

  1. Tap the Account icon
  2. Tap Payment Methods
  3. Tap Add credit card
  4. Enter the card information and tap Save


To remove a payment method in the app:

  1. Tap the Account icon
  2. Tap Payment Methods
  3. In the top right, tap Edit
  4. Select the payment method you'd like to delete and tap the Red circle
  5. Tap Delete
  6. Tap OK


To add a new payment method on a computer:

  1. At the top right, click Account
  2. Click Your Account
  3. Click Payment Methods on the left
  4. Click New card
  5. Enter the card information and click Save Changes


To remove a payment method on a computer:

  1. At the top right, click Account
  2. Click Your Account
  3. Click Payment Methods on the left
  4. Click the card you want to remove
  5. Click Delete card

I've already placed my order. Can I move the charges to a different payment method?

You can only change a payment method on an order once it's been delivered.


First, make sure the card you'd like the charges moved to is already on your account. Follow the steps above to add or update payment methods in your account.

Next, contact Basket Community Support and let us know the last four digits of the card you'd like the charges moved to.

Please be aware that once we issue a change on the original charge, expect to wait about 3-5 business days for the refund to appear on the old payment method, and the new charge to appear on the new payment method. If you do not see the refund within that window of time, you'll want to contact your bank directly.

Why is my order total different after delivery?

When you place an order, we show you the anticipated charge for your items, including estimated taxes and fees. Any approved changes to your order during shopping can update the final total in your order receipt.

These changes can include:

Added items: After you place an order, you can add items to it! You will not see a charge for any items added to your order until after the order is complete.

Replacement items: You can choose to have items replaced or not if something is out of stock. If an item is replaced, we'll update your receipt to reflect the replacement item price. If the replacement is more expensive than the item you ordered, you will be charged more. If the replacement is less expensive, you will be charged less.

Out of stock/refunded items: If an item is out of stock, your shopper will mark the item as out of stock, and we'll remove it  from your item total. This will reduce the final amount of your order.

Weight adjustments: Our shoppers will try to get the exact weight of the items you requested, but it is likely the weight could be more or less than what you requested.  At the store, your shopper will input the correct items weights before checking out, and we'll update your item total. For example, if you ordered 1 KG of bananas, but we sent you 0.9 KG , you will be charged for 0.9 KG.

Some item weights, like produce, are measured by shoppers using in-aisle scales. The weight of items from the deli, meat and seafood counters are determined by the label applied in-store to those items.

Special requests: A Special request is a way to add an item you don't see listed on the Basket's catalog. If you have any special requests in your order, you'll be charged for them after the order is complete, since we don't know the cost of special request items until your shopper finds the item in the store. For a list of prohibited Special Request items, please view this article.

Selecting Location

To start shopping, user must have a selected address in order to start viewing stores that deliver to that address. To place an order user must have a saved address on their account.

What are your hours?

Our delivery window starts at 9AM -11PM depending on your local store hours. On holidays, our delivery hours are subject to store holiday hours. We are closed on EID holidays. When placing an order, you can choose to get your items delivered within an hour o two hours , or at whatever time slot is most convenient to you. You can also choose a time slot 7 days in advance. This approach helps users choose what ever delivery time suits them best. Additional fees apply for one hour delivery orders.

Selecting Store

Once you have an address selected (City and area )  , the app / website will display a list of stores that deliver to your selected address. You can then select a store and start shopping. If you want to return to the list of stores, you can click on the very top arrow in the header to display the list of stores again. 

Happy Shopping!

Delivery fees

Basket has a basic delivery fee , an additonal fee if your order is small in size. There is also an additonal fee for orders that are requested within an hour. To check actual prices for your city, please check price at the time of checkout. 


Searching for items

There is a search bar at the top of the page when using the website, this search bar will help you search for items you would like to find in a specific store. If you are using the app , there is a tab at the bottom navigation bar that takes you to a search page. Once you are in the search page , type the item name you are looking for.

Stores on Basket

Basket lists stores that customers love so that users may order their grocereis online. Cozmo , Prime , Crumz & Other stores , Bakeries , Meat Shops have a place on Basket's network. Basket is an independent business that is not necessarily affiliated with, endorsed or sponsored by the retailers mentioned here.

Receipt and charges overview

Access your receipt

Once your delivery is complete, you can quickly access your receipt in your email inbox or in your Basket account.  For a step by step guide to viewing your receipts, click here.

Estimated Subtotal vs Shopped subtotal

When you place an order, we show you the anticipated charge for your items that includes the prices of your orderd items ( Subtotal) Any approved changes to your order during shopping can update the subtotal in your order receipt.

Shopper Adjustment

Shopper Adjustments"on your delivery receipt means that the total of the purchased items was different at checkout, this happens due to prices changes and other imperfections in the pricing integration between Basket and the Stores. Shoppers will adjust the total at checkout to exactly match the purchased items total.


Items subtotal - adjustment charges

Card Adjustmnet Charge on your delivery receipt means the final item charge, after any order changes, was higher than the original autorized hold. This will appear as an additional charge line item on your card statement.

For more information about order changes, click here.

For more about the temporary authorization hold, click here.

Delivery fee

For information about the Delivery fee, click here.

Service fee

Service fees are omitted at the moment. In the near future an additonal 10% service fee may be added to the order. You will see it clearly at checkout. This fee may be removed by user. The objective of this fee is to help us offer better pay for our shoppers so that they can continue offering a great service.For information about the service fee, click here.

Taxes and Fees

All applied Taxes and Fees will be visible on your receipt. If they do not appear in an exclusive line then the prices of all items have the taxes incorporated into the price. For information about taxes and fees, click here.


Soon Basket will enable adding tip to your order directly. When this feature is added , you will see a clear feild that will allow you to use this feature.Tips added after delivery will appear as a separate charge on your card statement when paying with Credit Card. Tip adjustments will also create a separate charge or credit item on your statement.

For more information on tipping, click here

Alcohol & Tobbacco

Basket does not accomodate orders with Alcohol or Tobbacco. Basket reserves the right to cancel such orders and black list both user and shopper in such events. Any payments made for such orders will be refunded to the user's credit card.


Any refunds applied to your order after delivery will show up in your order receipt. For more information on refunds, click here

Service fee

Service Fees are omitted at the moment. In the near future an additional 10% service fee may be added to the order. You will see it Clearly at Checkout.This fee may be removed by the user. The objective of this fee is to help us offer better pay for our shoppers so that they can continue offering a great service. 

How are items priced on Basket?

Basket does not charge any additional price margins on any item purchased. You pay exactly as what you would pay at the store.

How many accounts can I have?

We only allow one account per person or household. However, secondary business accounts are acceptable.


If you have been issued a refund on your order, it will typically take between 3 to 5 business days to process, depending on your bank or credit card company.
If you don't see a refund reflected within that time frame, please contact your financial institution directly regarding their policies on refunds.
Any refunds applied to your order after delivery will show up in your order receipt in your order's history.

Refunds will be done only through the Original Mode of Payment.

Ordering from more than one store

Basket allows you to add items to your cart from multiple stores at the same time. Such orders are charged an independant delivery fee. Although the order is placed as a single order , each store order is treated as a seperate order and may be fullfilled by an independant shopper. If you are paying by credit card. One payment will be made for both stores as payment process will not be divided.

Exclusive Promos & Offers on Basket

Basket will be carrying exclusive offers and promo that are specifically tailored for Basket users. Such offers will be clearly displayed on the platform when they are in place.

Checkout and delivery windows

When placing an order at basket , we allow you to place orders up to 7 days in advance. At checkout , you will be prompted a panel that will allow you to select the delivery window that suits you best. Keep in mind that different windows have different prices and some windows may include a busy fee. Such prices and fees will be clear at checkout as we have no hidden fees what so ever.

Do you honor store loyalty programs?

Not yet, Basket is working hard with stores to integrate loyalty programs and to allow users to take advantage of such rewards and loyalty programs.

Basket Premium

With Basket Premium, you get unlimited free delivery on all orders over 25JD!

Log in and visit Account > Basket Premium Memberships to view pricing, sign up, and manage your membership settings. 


Can I order Alcohol?

Basket does not carry any alcohol. Special request of alcohol or the delivery of alcohol is against our corporate culture and will be considered as a breach on behalf of both the shopper and the user.

Can I order Tobbacco and cigarettes?

Basket does not carry tobacco products and all it's variations. Such products are against our corporate culture and will be considered as a breach on behalf of both the shopper and the user.

Accepted Payment Methods

Currently we are accepting Cash on Delivery only during our pilot phase. As of August 2018 Basket will start accepting all major credit cards. This will include Visa, Master Card. Currently you are able to pay for your Premium Membership using credit cards. However , you are still unable to checkout and pay for your grocereis using credit cards. 

Why Basket does not have any pork products?

Basket does not carry any pork products or any of it's variations in respect of culture and country of operation.

Order status

Notifications are sent to update you about your order status.

Add or update items on a placed order

Basket enables you to add items to your order after you place it and after the shopper starts shopping for it. Once your order is being shopped you can contact the shopper to add items .


You can cancel your delivery for a full refund with no additional fees, up until we start shopping for your order. To cancel your order:

In the app:

  1. Tap the Account icon
  2. Tap Your Orders
  3. Tap the order you'd like to cancel
  4. On the Order page click Cancel order
  5. Confirm order cancellation


On a computer:

  1. Log in and click Account
  2. In the drop down menu, click Your Orders
  3. Select the order you'd like to cancel
  4. At the top of the Order page, click Cancel order
  5. Confirm order cancellation


If you must cancel your order during the shopping or delivery process, your order total will be refunded and you may be charged a fee. To cancel an order in progress, please contact us directly for assistance using our contact phone or email

If we are unable to complete your delivery, we may cancel the order on your behalf. If this happens, you will be refunded for the order. 


I'm trying to cancel my order but I don't see the "Cancel order" button on the order page. If you don't see the Cancel order button, your order may already be connected to a shopper. Check the order page to confirm your order status. If you need to cancel at this point, please contact Community Support for assistance. A cancellation fee may apply. 

Items we do not deliver

Items listed in our online catalog are eligible for delivery.

If you don't see an item in our online catalog, you can ask your shopper to bring it at the checkout call.  Please keep in mind that there are some items we are not able to deliver.

The items are:

  • Pre-ordered or made-to-order items, such as:
    Personalized birthday cakes
    Deli sandwiches or hamburgers
  • Gift cards
  • Live animals, including feeder animals for pets
  • Appliances
  • Any Electronics and electronic peripherals
  • Furniture

Non-alcoholic age-restricted products:

  • Tobacco
  • Over the counter items containing nicotine
  • Items containing pseudoephedrine, ephedrine, and phenylpropanolamine
  • Holiday trees
  • Postage stamps
  • Currency
  • Photos
  • Prescription drugs


Please note that these terms are subject to change without notice.

Keep in mind that alcohol,Pork & Tobbacco are not available for delivery. We cannot fulfill Special Requests for those items.

Problem with an order?

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